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Elias Orloff

Elias Orloff


There’s a reason why damage to walls and even ceilings often goes unaddressed. Let's face it, drywall repair is not the most DIY-friendly home improvement project for even a relatively handy person to attempt. There is a skill and an art to it — both of which our PatchMaster technicians have down pat.

We bring a systematic approach combined with an experienced hand — and more importantly, an expert eye. This is critical when it comes to matching not just color but the texture of a surface. What’s more, we’ll work with you until it’s a true match. Even if it means coming back.

Maybe you’re a homeowner who wants to get that unsightly hole gone for good. Perhaps you’re a renter who wants to get their security deposit back, or a landlord making your property ready for the next tenant. Or maybe you’re a tradesman who needs help putting the finishing touches on a project. Our PatchMaster can help you -- and often we can do it in one day.

Visit or call (973) 337-2424 for a free quote.

Paul Dombrowski

Paul Dombrowski


Paul is the entrepreneurial spirit behind PatchMaster Serving Montclair, Maplewood, Fairfield & Surrounding Areas. He also owns a highly successful Home Inspection Franchise in Northern New Jersey.