Drywall & Sheetrock Repair

Drywall is subject to damage from all sorts of mishaps and in many cases, it takes a professional to make a smooth, seamless repair. Whether the damage is water-related, involves cracked seams and nails that have popped up, or it is due to some other cause, PatchMaster can make it look like it never happened!

It's not as simple as it looks; drywall or sheetrock repair can be a challenge--there are a number of different factors to consider when making a repair, such as:

  • The size and location of the hole to be fixed
  • Cutting holes for pipes, electric outlets, or irregular shapes
  • Mudding and taping the repaired area
  • Sanding and finishing the repair for painting
  • Applying corner beads or edges
  • Matching textures

Other issues to consider are whether the drywall is exposed to dampness as in a bathroom or basement. Different types of materials are used under those circumstances and a professional knows all about what to use for each situation.

PatchMaster is Local

PatchMaster is a locally-owned and family-owned business that has over 20 years of experience serving our customers in northern and central New Jersey. Contact us just today at 1-844-728-2462 or visit montclair.patchmaster.com/contact-us to schedule an appointment